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Pisma Ziti 05/2020

Pisma Ziti by Katja Grcić

Although in this case Katja Grcić approaches (undoubtedly poetic) prose, in terms of expression, the formula from her previous works (Nosive konstrukcije, 2015, Ljeto/Summer 2017) is still valid here. For Grcić, the specific fragments are still perfectly linguistically weighed and measured when fitting into the whole, the expression is surprisingly precise, and the drama is completed in just a few moves. Letters to Zita are a universal story about the fear of loneliness, the search for meaning and, above all, one's own and others' freedom of choice.

Adrijana Vidić


What does it mean to be an actress? What kind of emotional, political and personal audacity does going out in front of an audience involve? Is the audience a friend of the actress? Or just a spectator? Once an actress opens the boundaries of her perception, who is there to monitor the healing of her 'open wound'? Katja Grcić deals with the question of how to be a friend to those who cross social barriers, and in the process, suffer from revolutionary breakthroughs. As well as the question of why text and performance, even in the same, network-century, still end up as best friends.

Nataša Govedić

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