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Nosive konstrukcije 09/2015

poetry collection Nosive konstrukcije by Katja Grcić

In Katje Grcić's book, everything is like in a poetic pressure-cooker: 'cleansed'; of linguistic excesses, testifies a certain amount of emotional excess, the one from which the poem eventually grows or emerges. The poem is usually a love poem, its constructions are always for two, and the materials are fragile, although they can be sharply cut by some sarcastic sentence.


The lyrical subject, like many subjects before, is eternally  searching for (eternal?) love. In the Load-bearing constructions, this love is not only a mutual refuge, but also a mutual fear, the thing from which and towards which one flees. At the same time, the author's approach is original, contemporary and fresh, and so is the final product - poetry that stylistically and thematically transcends the local and traditional frameworks of poetry.

Olja Savičević Ivančević

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